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Thanks for stopping by the Jurassic Jeep Shop! Here you will be able to find a couple of items that will help you in the construction of your own Jurassic Park Jeeps. Currently we only have one item, but several more are currently in development! Check back frequently!

Jurassic Park Employee ID Badge
Become a member of the InGen family by purchasing your very own customized and personal employee ID badge. Here is an example of Dennis Nedry’s badge that we found near the road to the East Dock!




Jurassic Jeep T-Shirt
Now you can be as cool as us and get your own Jurassic Jeep T-Shirt. These professional screen printed shirts are black and feature our awesome logo that will make you the envy of all of your friends!




Jurassic Jeep Mouse Pad
Now is your chance to be just like Dennis Nedry and spice up your workstation with an epic Jurassic Jeep Logo Mouse Pad. These extra thick mouse pads are professionally printed and feature the Jurassic Jeep logo. Make your cubicle the envy of every Tom, Dick and Ray Arnold in your office.

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